Q:  Do you do custom/commission glass work?

A:  Yes!  I’m happy to create a mosaic, fused item or piece of jewelry just for you.  Do you have Grandma’s old china but it’s chipped or cracked so you’re unable to use it?  I can turn it into a piece of mosaic art for you.  Do you like one of my pieces but it’s not quite the right size or color?  I’m happy to create something just for you.

Q:  How do you cut the bottles, glasses and other items you incorporate into your 3D mosaics?

A:  I use a water cooled tile saw with a diamond blade. I had to remove all the safeties in order to be able to cut the items I incorporate into my mosaics.

Q:  How long does it take you to cut a wine bottle or other item?

A:  Cutting each item takes quite a bit of time, as I literally cut millimeter by millimeter.  It can easily take 20 minutes for me to cut a wine bottle in half length wise.