I am a glass artist and photographer.

As a glass artist, I specialize in mosaics, as well as doing some fused glass work.  It all started with a mosaic stepping stone class hosted by The Vinery Glass at the Madison Garden Expo.  My stone broke when we were unmolding it, so I went to the store to make another.  I ended up signing up for several classes before I left that evening.  I’ve never considered myself “crafty” and hadn’t taken an art class since I was forced to do so in middle school but something about working with glass resonated for me.  It didn’t take long for me to run out of family and friends to gift with my glass creations, so I soon began selling them.  I also began teaching mosaic classes at The Vinery part-time and at one point was their main mosaic instructor. The caliber of my work has continued to progress.

My current passion is three dimensional mosaics.  I try to incorporate 3-D elements and/or the feeling of movement and depth in my mosaics whenever possible.  All of my creations are made with hand cut stained glass.  Some of my work has included thousands of pieces of glass.  I’m a ‘green’ artist, using recycled/found items as a base or as part of the elements of most of my mosaics.  Since so many of my creations are ‘upcycled’, most cannot be duplicated.  My customers particularly enjoy knowing their work of art is unique.

I’m a juried artist member and President of 14 South Artists.  I’ve participated in well-known art fairs including Art Fair Off the Square, the Spring Green Art Fair, and the Midsummer Festival of Arts at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center.

Prior to my addiction to glass, my passion was photography.  I’ve been an avid photographer since I got my first 35 mm camera, a Pentax K1000.  There is nothing I like better than getting in the car and driving country roads to see what I might find, or going on a hike, camera in hand.    My photography is primarily focused on Wisconsin subjects.  Whether it is round barns, lighthouses, lumberjack competitions, Rustic Roads, native wildlife or quirky attractions, I’ve probably got a photo of it. My photos have frequently been published in Wisconsin Trails Magazine, Birds and Blooms Magazine and Country Magazine, as well as a number of calendars.


You may contact me any time at jilliansatouchofglass@yahoo.com, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Touch-of-Glass, as well as here at my website.